The Human Side of Enterprise

Renowned British author Robert Louis Stevenson (1850-1894) wrote:

“if a man love the labour of his trade, the gods have found him.”

Given the vibrant passion they have for vocation; Giovanni Del Priore and Leonardo Priore epitomize Stevenson’s adage.

Although these two artisans emanate from different and distant corners of the earth; it would appear the divine providence and their commonality has played a consequential role in the exciting entrepreneurial union they have forged together at the Criveller Chocolate and Pastry Boutique in Niagara Falls.

Giovanni on the one hand hails from a rural setting in Italy not far from Naples. There, and on family farm, his mother’s influence had a profound influence on his development and affinity for a future in the food service specialty he excels with today. Leonardo on the other hand extols his roots in South America where in the gorgeous City of Montevideo, Uruguay his ardor for chocolate was kindled.

Giovanni’s and Leonardo’s backgrounds beyond their formative years were unrelated, and indeed for both of them, their vocational destination was not yet on the horizon. Giovanni arrived in Canada from Italy when he was 16 and pursued his steadfast ambition to establish his own enterprise. He was young but eventually he successfully established the first of several businesses and realized first and foremost the power of an uncompromised dedication to quality and customer service.

When he was only 8 years of age, Leonardo migrated to Niagara from Uruguay. He completed his secondary eduction at Holly Cross in St. Catharines and graduated as a Registered Nurse from Niagara College. After a 10 year stint in the profession and with precarious developments in Ontario’s health care sector; Leonardo’s career changed ordained his entry into the food service industry and ultimately reignited his childhood connection with chocolate.

Giovanni and Leonardo began to share the same path over a decade ago and finally in January of 1998 the achieved the pinnacle of their endeavors when they purchased Criveller Candies Canada. With this acquisition the two friends and partners have created the platform the supports and nurtures the ingenuity, skill, energy and commitment that generates the widespread recognition they have gained for their work and their product.

Established over a quarter of a century ago, Criveller is an iconic Canadian made in Niagara Chocolate and Pastry Boutique. The enterprise creates and produces hundreds of provocative specialties including delicate and exquisite pastries, masterpiece wedding cakes and a selection of truffles and chocolates that are second to none. Clearly, the entire line is sought after, enjoyed and lauded by an ever expanding base of local and international customers – all of them “Criveller Aficionados” that Giovanni and Leonardo are so very proud to serve.


Thank you for the perfect cake, for the perfect wedding!! It not only looked beautiful, but it tasted beautiful!! And a lot of those chocolate favours were devoured before dinner.
- Glenn, Dianne Kinzie, Nadine & Andy Race